Our Trailcamps in the carnic alps
You are still looking for the right training camp for you?


Then you've found the right place - whether you're a beginner, an advanced trail runner or a professional - we have the perfect camp for every level.

Things you should take with you:

  • Trail running shoes: running shoes with appropriate protection and suitable sole
  • Running backpack with drinking container (at least 1 liter water reserve)
  • Food: Gels, energy bar, isotonic drink
  • Clothing: Windbreaker, light rain jacket, running hat and running gloves
  • GPS watch/smartphone

Requirements for participation in the camps

  • Also suitable for trail beginners!
  • Course lengths & duration will be chosen accordingly (2 groups)
  • Running experience should be available (runs on the flat of 2 h)
  • Mountain experience is an advantage (altitude meters in ascent and descent)